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Palm Ocean side Atlantic College (PBA) is a lofty foundation of advanced education situated in West Palm Ocean side, Florida. Laid out in 1968, PBA has developed to turn into a main Christian college known for its obligation to scholarly greatness, religious qualities, and a dynamic grounds local area. In this article, we will investigate the set of experiences, mission, scholastic projects, grounds life, and one of a kind qualities that make Palm Ocean side Atlantic College a champion decision for understudies looking for balanced schooling established in Christian standards.

History and Founding Principles

Palm Ocean side Atlantic College follows its foundations to a modest start when it was established by Jess Surly, a Baptist serve, in 1968. Since its commencement, the college has maintained areas of strength for a personality and obligation to incorporating confidence and learning. Its maxim, “Greatness with a Reason,” mirrors the organization’s devotion to scholarly thoroughness, character improvement, and administration to the local area.

Mission and Values

The mission of Palm Ocean side Atlantic College is to give a far reaching training that plans understudies to lead satisfying lives, both expertly and profoundly. PBA intends to teach the entire individual by encouraging scholarly, profound, social, and actual turn of events. The college’s fundamental beliefs include:

Confidence: PBA urges understudies to foster an individual relationship with God and experience their Christian confidence in each part of life.
Uprightness: Trustworthiness, responsibility, and moral way of behaving are basic standards imparted in PBA understudies.
Regard: PBA encourages a comprehensive and conscious local area where people from assorted foundations are esteemed and regarded.
Greatness: The college keeps up with high scholastic norms and takes a stab at ceaseless improvement in all areas.

Academic Programs

Palm Ocean side Atlantic College offers an extensive variety of undergrad, graduate, and expert projects. These projects are isolated into a few schools and universities, including the Rinker Institute of Business, the School of Nursing, the Institute of Training and Social Investigations, and the Institute of Expressions and Sciences, among others.

Prominently, PBA is known for serious areas of strength for its projects, including nursing, drug store, and exercise based recuperation. The Gregory School of Drug store, specifically, is exceptionally respected for its obligation to delivering moral and able drug specialists. In addition to traditional degree programs, PBA also offers an Honors College for academically gifted students and a robust selection of online and evening classes to accommodate diverse student needs.

Campus Life and Community

Palm Ocean side Atlantic College’s pleasant grounds is situated in the core of West Palm Ocean side, giving understudies simple admittance to social conveniences, wonderful sea shores, and a flourishing midtown region. The college’s energetic grounds life is portrayed by a rich embroidery of extracurricular exercises, clubs, and associations.

The PBA puts serious areas of strength for an on local area administration and effort. Understudies are urged to engage in different help learning open doors that empower them to have a beneficial outcome on society while trying their schooling. The college’s obligation to support lines up with its Christian mission and encourages a feeling of direction among understudies.


Palm Ocean side Atlantic College remains as a reference point of scholastic greatness, religious qualities, and local area commitment in the core of West Palm Ocean side, Florida. Its commitment to sustaining the entire individual, coordinating confidence and learning, and giving different scholastic projects settles on it an outstanding decision for understudies looking for a groundbreaking instructive encounter. With its Christian establishment, obligation to support, and lovely tropical area, PBA keeps on shaping the existences of understudies and add to the improvement of society.

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